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My recent series of oil paintings developed as a means of confronting a prolonged period of severe illness and loss in my personal history. The work relates directly to these experiences and to lingering feelings of displacement. In addressing these issues I became interested in the history of sheet ghosts and death masks as a mimicry of life. The imagery associated with the living’s often lighthearted imitation of the dead penetrates the majority of my work. As such, my overall vision is to produce a series that captures the ripeness of a moment just before it falls into decay. The resulting body of work is quiet and contemplative, with undertones of the sweetly sinister.

Born in 1990, Sarah received her BFA with Honours in Painting and Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Queen’s University. On the heels of two consecutive solo shows in Toronto, she is currently developing her lasted series out of a live-in studio. Her most recent group exhibitions include CONTEMPORARY VENICE at Palazzo Ca’Zanardi in Italy, with the By Other Means collective in London, UK, and SKETCH at SAW Gallery in Ottawa. Her large-scale birch woodcut “Wreathed Around You” was featured in Coleman Hell’s triple-platinum “Fireproof” video. She has been featured on the cover of The Artist Catalogue (Brooklyn, NY), and interviewed in Whytt Magazine (London, UK), and Art Reveal Magazine (Finland). Her work is held in private collections in cities such as Montreal, Toronto, London, and New York.

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