Paul Kilbertus

I am a Toronto-based artist fascinated by the visual possibilities of cities. Capturing the movement, lights, shadows, people and moments in cities is what drives my drawing and painting. I want to encourage viewers to look again at images they have seen thousands of times, to reconsider what they have stopped noticing. Further, the mood I seek to capture is the individual’s loneliness and isolation while in the frenetic city movement and crowds.

I begin with images and moments I capture photographically and launch my journey from there. I select a small number that hold my attention and focus on the aspect of the image that grips me. Increasingly, I use the possibilities of acrylic paint to create an ever greater interpretation of the source image through realistic representation and abstraction.

Currently, I am exploring different materials to use as ‘canvas’ including fabric, printed papers and metal. These materials help create a different mood and connection with the work beyond what can be achieved with paint and canvas.





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