Marie Finkelstein

I am a Toronto painter who works in oil on canvas. I have had solo shows in Toronto and Ottawa, and participated in numerous group exhibitions including Gallery 1313’s Winter Emerging Artist Exhibition 2015. My most recent solo exhibition was at AWOL gallery in February 2014. In 2011, I completed a major commission of four paintings which are on permanent display in the art collection at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. I was one of the selected artists appearing on the 2009 Bravo TV series, Star Portraits, and a finalist in the 2005 Kingston Portrait Prize Competition.
A recurring theme in my work is the relationship of people to their surroundings in both public spaces (Peoplescapes, On Display, Pool, Pas de Deux) and the private sphere (Midnight Supper, Bed, Shower Man). In these series of paintings, I contrast the figure against the background in terms of light, colour and form, allowing these elements to inform the narrative of the painting. For example, the rippling water in the Pool paintings suggests that there is more below the surface than meets the eye, whereas the outline of the shower stall and blurry figure in the Shower Man series suggest a steamy confinement.
In my most recent paintings, I look directly at those spaces – landscape, seascape, and winterscape. I try to capture an impression of atmosphere in these works, using a limited palette and abstracted forms. Again, the elements of light, colour and form are used to create mood and convey meaning.

01.Marie Finkelstein_Taking the Sun (Green Park 2)_2008.jpg (1)

03.Marie Finkelstein_On Display (Picasso)_ 2011.jpg

04.Marie Finkelstein_Pool (Orange Noodle)_2012.

02.Marie Finkelstein_Midnight Supper 5_2010.jpg

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