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    I am a passionate artist with a previous background in materials science and engineering. I am interested in exploring art forms and visual language that can contribute in making the world a more compassionate place. I have two main areas of focus towards this goal: exploration of inclusive practices in art and therapeutic potential of creative expression, and creating art that invites protection of natural environment.

    My poetic paintings, which reflect my sensitivity and free spirit, exude from the depth of my life experience and spiritual growth. These works are characterized by their expressive and spontaneous quality that is in balance with thoughtfully structured compositions. Therefore, my paintings reveal a layered richness that is a result of my passionate but patient engagement with the act of painting. In these paintings, I want to create a visual harmony by empathic application of natural forms as well as warm and cool colors to inject a sense of resilience, continuity, hope and healing while acknowledging the darkness and inspire contemplation of growth and achievement of inner balance within challenging but ever changing phases of life.

    I am currently graduating from Drawing and Painting program in OCADU. My motto is: Live with Passion, Radiate Possibilities!


    Interconnected Mind

    Reaching Out II


    Protected Seed

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