Jennifer Tsuchida

Jennifer Tsuchida is a Toronto felt artist who is enchanted by the magic of turning wool fibre into a cohesive felted fabric.  Through extensive reading and experimentation, her techniques are self-taught and continually evolving.

Employing both traditional and modern felt making techniques, Jennifer creates hand felted sculptural pieces of functional, decorative, and wearable art.  She is at once inspired by the natural world and the underbelly of the darkest corners of her imagination.  Irrespective of the subject matter, her art is fueled by a particular interest in the dichotomy of different textures, patterns, colours, and forms, as the contrast builds a certain tension that both seduces and repels.

Throughout the years, Jennifer’s work has been exhibited in galleries as well as non-traditional exhibition spaces both locally and nationally.  Her work has been acquired for private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, and Japan.  She was invited to be a Guest Artist in a two-person exhibition at Gallery 111 in Barrie, Ontario and her wearable art was also represented by the gallery.  Jennifer is a Craft Professional member of Craft Ontario.  She is also a member of Gallery 1313 in Toronto, Ontario, is on the gallery’s Events Fundraising Subcommittee, and was an Artist Mentor for the Parkdale Art Mentorship Program spearheaded by the gallery.  She co-curated a fibre art exhibition entitled On the Wild Side at Gallery 1313 and will have her first solo exhibition at the gallery in April of 2015.



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