Iuliia Kostenko

  • Artist: Iuliia Kostenko
  • Link: http://kostenko-art.com


Iuliia is a Toronto-based artist who works with black ink, nib and a brush.

She graduated from an art studio in 2002 and didn’t paint for a while after that. In 2008 she got a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and spent the next years working in tech startups.


After visiting India in 2012 she had a major psychological breakthrough and started drawing again. In 2013 she traveled to Nepal and lived in Kopan monastery studying with monks (learning Buddhism, psychology,  writings of monks). Most of the paintings of that period interweave with works of Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung.


After coming to Canada in 2015, she began to develop her new style using a nib, brush and black waterproof ink, which you see in her current works.

The philosophy behind her art aims to show that even living in our disintegrating world there is something special, intimate and beautiful in nature, and that same beauty can be found within us.

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