Dean Bradley

Dean is an active member of Toronto’s vibrant Art scene. His work has been on display at Galleries and businesses throughout Toronto, Oshawa, Burlinton and in January, 2015 a group show in Venice, Italy.

In 2013 Dean broadened his artistic range from standard street photography. Creating an exciting series that was inspired from his imagination, where past travel experiences merged with the reality of the subway system, inventing magical worlds within the confines of Toronto’s Transit System. Subway Aquarium, CNE Station, Gumball Machine and HaidaGwaii Station are four examples from his Transit Dreams series.

Over the past year Dean has begun to work with Pinhole photography. Shooting with a pinhole camera has moved his work closer to the artistic range. The images produced are softer with subtle, saturated colours and deeper blacks creating beautiful and inspiring photographs. Honest Ed’s, Skyview, Snack Stand and Yellow Wheel are examples of work with this medium.





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