Colleen Zimmerman

  • Artist: Colleen Zimmerman
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    Up-and-coming Toronto artist Colleen Zimmerman’s work begins with a word, discovering its place or misplace. Currently, she explores the tension created by thoughts that challenge or are at odds with a situation. What’s left behind is a sense of paralysis, speechlessness, of being pulled in different directions.

    The resulting images, somewhere between figuration and abstraction, expose those internal workings in physical form, twisting, pulling, straining under the weight to stay put. Using a colour palette that is not quite natural, Colleen hints at a disturbance beneath the surface. With short, deliberate mark-making, she expands the pace and tempo of tension, using drips and marks to add narrative to the images. 



    CZimmerman_Confusion_2015_acrylic_on_canvas CZImmerman_Pretend_2015_acrylic_on_canvas
































































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