Cell Gallery, April 11 to April 22, 2018

Helen E. C. Melbourne

“Details of a Small Plane Cell Gallery :DETAILS OF A SMALL PLANET works by HELEN MELBOURNE My activities and involvement in a diverse, multicultural community, and in the arts, are clearly expressed in the images you will see. I am all over the map – but it is all connected. My artistic work weaves my life together into a pattern, a cloth, a substance, a map.

​I am fascinated by almost every aspect of our world. I am a community and social activist, a planner, an environmentalist, a gardener, an organizer, a parent, a writer, an artist. I am both outgoing and introverted. I am an observer, a participant, and a leader.

I have embraced all the aspects of my life, and this website shows a small part of my complicated, and sometimes very difficult, journey to this place in my senior years.t”

Opening Reception April 12