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MEET YOU IN THE WOODS  Inspirations from Otter Lake   Jerome Austin McNicholl  Painting , Drawing , Photography & Poems  Meet You in the Woods finds its title from a painting I made in 1988 and repainted in 2010 . It was a “wish painting”. A desire nudged at me to move beyond my Toronto bubble and connect to Canada’s magnificent
northern landscape . The opportunity was provided by my dear friends and true patrons Judy and Richard Gorman. After returning from living in France 2000-2007 the Gormans extended invitations to spend time with them through all the seasons at their beautiful cottage on Otter Lake 6 kilometers south of Parry Sound surrounded by seventeen acres of forest and a lagoon.
Often I would spend time writing thus the poems , which although not about the surrounding landscape are in some measure made possible by the clarity that nature provides . They found their way easily to some of the many images I photographed of the area over the years.After much time coming to know the lake and forest around the Gorman’s n the   Fall of 2015 it was time to draw. I made tonal pencil drawings ,the landscapes evoked for me a psychological tremor as well as a descriptive authenticity .I felt in some ways like a nineteenth  century artist –recorder who had never encountered this landscape before.
Everything felt fresh and wonderfully new.
Thanks to Judy & Richard Gorman for their immense generosity.