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Main Gallery : WAR works by Paria Shahverdi. Paintings inspired by  Iran War .This exhibition was previously mounted at Gallery 1313 in  November on 2016. New work has been added to it and it has been  remounted with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Paria Shahverdi’s collages are taut with the history of her own experiences as a child, woman, and artist in war-torn Iran, and thick with the magical realism that allows all survivors to make sense of the dark. Shahverdi asks you to lean in, to consider the rhythms present beneath the work- can you see yourself in these people, deconstructed into segments of tone, color, motive, and light? In all aspects of her art- writing, poetry, painting, drawing, collage. A former journalist she lived through the war and these paintings are the result. Shahverdi seeks to create connections through her experiences, and define the edges of the world she lives in now. From 2012 she began to work on plywood with mixed media, such as gluing newspaper on wood, carving, and applying various layers of acrylic paint. Throughout this experience she continued to build an archive of works on plywood that became more organized and conceptualized over time. She began to increase the size of plywood and frame with plywood, giving her a deeper involvement with the material that she chose to create with. Eventually, this experience resulted in a series titled WAR.

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