November 16, 2017 | Exhibitions, Past Exhibitions | No Comments
Gilles Morin – Blurred Lines – Cell Gallery

A while back I started to go to Figure drawing ateliers all over the city and as I began drawing  conventionally I found myself dissatisfied about my approach.

Keeping in mind the tradition of the later work of Matisse and aware of the digital exploration of  David Hockney, I started to experiment with shapes, colours and chose the I Pad to draw, I found the experience very stimulating.

Hockney has turned new technology to the age-old purposes of art.
“Anyone who likes drawing and mark-making,” he thinks, “will like to
explore new media.”

The combination of the shapes, colours, patterns, lines in a digital format and the wish to find a drawing language that is unique to me translated into a non linear and unconventional form of drawing.
The naked forms are blurred to portrait a sensation of joy, happiness and even eroticism.