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Process Gallery : PRAISE the GODS! Mixed Media Works by Shawn Postoff

At the height of Roman power, when the Emperor Hadrian was king of the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew Alphabets, and when the Qristian church was itself but an infant, the lifeless body of an olive-skinned twink named Antinous washed up on the banks of the Nile in Egypt. Some days later, Hadrian welcomed the twinkling and deified Antinous into the pantheon of Pagan gods as a brand new Olympian deemed worthy of publicly-financed worship.
The idolized image of Antinous soon became the first (and last) non-Imperial face to grace the Roman coinage, and within a few decades of his death, the curly hair and pouty lips of Antinous were being actively promoted, downloaded, and consumed across the Realm as part of a home-grown, Pagan-friendly narrative designed to counter an insurgent Qristian doctrine. Was Hadrian simply being a shrewd politician, or was there something deeper going on behind the curtains of Imperial Rome?