Process Gallery :LUNAR CYCLE  works by Catharine Mary Somerville – Wilson

The fragile and short-lived life of the Moth provides a metaphor for our own lives. We, like the Moth are highly influenced by the power of the moon and are dependent on the lunar cycles and the ecosystem. The moon is her mother, and she will follow her course to light at all cost. This makes her open to distraction, vulnerable to harm. Here we may find another message to adjust our course as our path indicates rather than drive forward without heeding important signs and spiritual moments along the way.

Perhaps the havoc we experience is suggesting that we have lost our way and are flying too close to the flame at our own cost.

Catharine Somerville lives both in the UK and Canada. Known as a painter of colour, she mystically captures the mood and light of the many places she visits.

Catharine has been teaching and exhibiting since 1990. In 2008, she completed a postgraduate 2-year course at West Dean College/ University of Sussex winning the Chairman’s Prize.  She has painted and displayed her work in in the Caribbean, Mexico, UK, Canada, USA and the Arctic. Her work is on permanent show at the Elmwood in Toronto, Ontario.