MISSTER DRESS-UP  by Mishka  Peachka

Sept. 27- Oct. 8  2017

Gallery 1313

1313 Queen St. West

Reception Sept. 28  8pm

47 costumes made over 5 years. Worn by 15 models. 11 men, 3 woman and 1 ftm transman. Anyone can have a penis some of us just need to buy ours. So why not dress it up. Misster Dress-Up a costume book for penises.

Book write up-
Dating in the modern world equals dick pics. Sent with or without permission they can get boring. I always hoped someone would take a photo a little bit more interesting for my viewing pleasure. That never happened so I decided to take my own.

This idea has been done before. Many times. Maybe even better. But I ve always wanted to make a coffee table book. I gave up at 47 costumes spread over five years. The costumes were made while watching bad TV and smoking joints in Parkdale. The models are flings, friends and random folk I met online in hidden Facebook sex groups. All in all they were delightful people and a pleasure to work with.

Being inclusive is important. Anyone can have a penis, some just need to buy theirs. Keeping the images true to reality is also something I strived for. I adore your imperfections, they give me dimples. x

Gallery Hours Wed- Sun. 1-6pm