In the Cell Gallery: Vashty Hawkins

Toronto, Ontario

I live and work in Toronto, and am an encaustic and acrylic artist with influences including pop art, art nouveau, silent movies, and fashion design in the 1920s through 1960s. Painters that strongly influence me include but are not limited to Morrisseau, Mucha, Warhol, Erte, and Beardsley.

I create my own original artwork and prints, do commissions by appointment, exhibit around the city on a regular basis, and currently teach encaustic painting workshops for beginners at Yellow House Gallery in the upper Beach. I am also artist in residence at Royal Porcupine Productions Theatre Company, member of Gallery 1313, and on the board of directors for the Queen Street Art Crawl community arts organization (all based in Toronto)

I am drawn to vibrant female imagery and use encaustic wax, oil and acrylic paints, inks, collage, image transfer, stenciling, texture, beading, and other mixed media throughout my work. I am also a digital photographer and blend some of my own images into fine art pieces.