Growth and development gobble up old industrial space, farmland and old buildings are replaced by new construction. Outdated malls are swallowed up, churches become part of new condo developments and empty spaces that artists once created their art in disappear. Young families struggle to find their first home. This exhibition allows artists the opportunity to explore and examine this growth that consumes THE PRECIOUS LAND. Curated online by Phil Anderson with participating artists Catharine Mary Somerville , Kalynn Sinnamon, Anne Winter , Ravi Persaud, Shabnam Afrand , Brian Deignan , Emanuel Pavao , Rakefet Arieli , Michael Lucy Black, Julia Gostling , Drew Sparks , Patrick Stieber , Emma White , Rita Vindedzis , Azade Pirazimian  , Mina Nabaei , El Hashemi , Huds Salha and others .