Fiona Legg was born in England, and moved to Canada at an early age. She has lived in much of the country, giving her a unique perspective of Canada.  She focuses full time on mixed media sculpture. An emerging artist, in the past three years she has participated in a wide variety of exhibitions around Ontario and beyond, including the Canadian History Hall, Elora Sculpture Project, the Canadian Sculpture Competition, and the 12 Trees exhibit at the Gardiner Museum for Ceramics. She is the recent recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts Grant.


My focus is primarily on objects, the stories that they can tell, and the emotions or memories that they can elicit. ‘Take only photos, and leave only footprints’ is a commonly known phrase related to healthy stewardship of the planet. ‘Careless Remnants’ refers to the negative effects of human activity, when this phrase is ignored. Often (but not always) these effects are unintentional. They are usually ugly, cause the earth harm, and are the regretful consequences of human action.