Main Gallery : SUMMER EMERGING ART EXHIBITION this annual group  exhibition brings together artists using a variety of media and is  curated online through submissions by Gallery Director, Phil Anderson.  The exhibition also presents the question what is an emerging artist and  when does an artist stop emerging if at all . For some it means once  signed with a reputable gallery or receiving  established artist funding  from the art councils then you are no longer emerging. The Art Councils  have their own definition to distinguish emerging from established artists . However you want to define it the emerging summer exhibition  presents some fresh challenging work from artists that are usually just  getting their foothold in the art world. Participating Artists include –Adrienne Matheuszik, Daisy Tsai, Heather  Thomson, Kyle Yip, Emily Catrriere, Darcia Labrosse, Elizabeth Martin  Chan , Jordan Nahmias , Shannon Taylor –Jones, Natalia Starikova,  Lianlan Chen , Beverly Couse , Julia Campsis ,Brian Deignan, Paul Brandejs, Sally Blackman, Lila Fatehi, Trinley Dorje, Mahshidm Fathi Roodsari and others
June 21 – July 2, 2017

Reception Thursday  June 22, 8pm  Media 647-918-6606