Nothing symbolizes a disposable object as a lost glove, they are a relatable object to each of us and a simple representation of winter in Toronto. We have all, at some point lost a glove. Have we endeavored to retrace or path to find that misplaced glove?

By reclaiming lost gloves, then presenting them as cleaned restored items that are mounted on wooden bases giving the impression that these items are now trophies, something of value, they have been given a sense of purpose. This installation engages the viewer, causing them to question; why are we a disposable society?

In this installation titled Waving the lost glove symbolizes our attitudes within a disposable society, where it is easier to replace an item and dispose of the old.

This has been an exciting process of creating an installation that is based on a single question. Taking a found object and transform it into an artistic creation.

Process Gallery

Reception May 11, 2017 7 pm

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