A Group Exhibition Showcasing Sculpture and Installation Thesis Work by:

  • Vincenzina Caré
  • Jade Reyes
  • Dax Vorona

March 29th – April 9th

Join us Opening Night March 30th 7–10 PM


Vincenzina Caré

Artist Statment

Vincenzina is a Sculptress, Illustrator, Photographer and Graphic designer. Having sculpted baby dolls since the age of 7, her current practice is focused on displaying world issues through her life like creations. Also creating comic books, furniture and clothing to support the stories she tells through her work.


Vincenzina Caré
True Servitude: 5 pounds 3 ounces polymer clay, Acrylic paint, butcher paper
22” (doll)

Vincenzina Caré
Rain check and Sustain: Like sardines
15”(dolls) 22”x 15” (container) polymer clay and Acrylic paint

Vincenzina Caré
The Perfect Weapon
Aluminum, walnut wood & brass coated accessories
20”(doll) 27”x 13.5” (container)



Jade Reyes

Artist Statement:

The body is a site used for mindfulness and self-reflection, in which we try to understand ourselves in relation to the work around us. Through my work, my intention is to use this body as a material that is both temporal and vulnerable. I hope that this action evokes both humility and empathy in the viewer.


Reyes G Jade
Chocolate Man
Chocolate, berries and grapes
67’ x 31’

Reyes G Jade
Rice krispies marshmallow, jam, poster, reflective table cloth, cameras
36’ x 28’

Reyes G Jade
Me myself and I
Video, Speakers, Diffuser
Room installation



Dax Vorona

Artist Statement:

Orthography of Intimacy is a body of work that explores the themes of intimacy, trust, sensuality, aesthetics, beauty and alternative sexuality, portrayed through portraiture in different media. Through the use of familiar, conventional ways of representing, as well as the classical medium of bronze in dialogue with photography, it seeks to challenge normative culture perspectives on traditional beauty. Through presenting intimacy, vulnerability and alternative sexuality in an aesthetic way it aims to elevate these expressions from an underground culture into an arena of the public gaze, as well as demystify common stigmas surrounding BDSM (Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; Sadomasochism) practices, specifically rope bondage. It seeks to create a space where people are encouraged to explore, with their minds, the beauty of BDSM, as well as appreciate the power of the intimacy and aesthetics of Kinbaku (the art of traditional Japanese erotic bondage).


Image 1
Dax Vorona
Cast Bronze, Hemp Twine
9”; x 4.5”; x 8”;

Image 2
Dax Vorona
Inkjet Print, Acrylic Back Mount
30” x 40”
Year: 2017