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Reception Friday Feb. 17 6:30pm

Process Gallery : The Sex Show  Curated by Phil Anderson

The definition of sex and sexuality has and always will be open to interpretation. Each individual has his/ her own definition of what is considered sexual. What factors are recognized in the process defining something as ‘sexual’ or ‘erotic’?

The Sex Show approaches the topic of sex from all angles, exhibiting works that vary on a broad scale, from art that is more explicit to art that is more elusive in content. Not only does The Sex Show contain a wide variety of sex-related themes and contents, it also exhibits the use of abundantly different mediums such as ,photography sculpture, painting and mixed media . Participating artists include Nora House, Sarah Allen Eagen, Hooley McLaughlin, Emily Lalonde, Natashavon Rosenshilde , Clare Allin, Jacqueline Gallant , Veronica Blanco, Eduardo Gutierrez , Norman Barney ,Joy San, Jarvis Alston, Laura Thipphawong  and others.

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