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STASIS: Works by Michael Drolet

Cell Gallery
October 26 – November 6, 2016
Reception: October 27, 8:00 pm

The idea of balance is a predominant theme in many aspects of life. It was my hope to draw attention to these processes and show that many independent objects can work together to produce a functioning whole; one that could not exist if even one segment was missing. The three-dimensional objects in balance are dependent on these successive layers of harmonious reactions. These reactions create a relational system that evolves on the premise of equivalent force exchange, resulting in the achievement of equilibrium. These everyday relationships are what my sculptural objects work to exploit and bring to the attention of viewer. The objects become the aggregate for a structure to be in a state of stasis, utilizing the consistent downward force of gravity.

The expression of balance is done through simple forms that use hard lines to dictate space and add fragility to some of the most structurally sound of materials. This method of precariousness balance allows for structures that appear sturdy from materialistic description, to be delicate; becoming structures of observation not of function. The free standing works do not use adhesives or hardware to maintain their upright composure but instead rely on the proper distribution of weight and synergy of constructional elements. The result from disregarding all apparent structural material strength is a static sculpture never being at rest, becoming completely self-reliant within suspension.