I paint in order to find and to understand the inner tension in subject-matter and imagined space. Sometimes my images fight with themselves, not wanting to reveal their shadows. They are connected but in conflict, trying to get rid of each other and somehow remain in one piece. This contentious process results in unsettling or disturbing imagery, reflecting that part of the self that is vulnerable

Each painting I create is a negotiation between flatness and depth, solid and dissolving forms, and imagery that is pulled apart and reassembled. It is through the mediation of mark-making that I begin to understand where I have been, and where I might go to next.

In some of my paintings the idea is clear, while in others it remains ambiguous, fragmented, and open to the interpretations of the viewer. This is where the tension is most revealed. To be instructible there must be a change, to be destructible, a lesson learned. Iā€™m asking questions (Where are we going? How do we get there?) on a practical and metaphorical level.