Real Estates addresses the dialogue surrounding neighbourhood identity, history and issues of gentrification. Using the neighbourhood of Parkdale – the location of Gallery 1313 as well as a rapidly gentrifying (if not wholly gentrified) community – as its source, Real Estates fictionalizes the characters commonly found in play when an area shifts in designated class.  The window box installation is a scale model of a typical Parkdale walk-up, where the scenes visible in the windows act as symbols. Large scale cockroaches are paired with eager young (white, affluent) first time home buyers, “humorous” mental illness with unaware party bros.  These ironic dualities examine the ways in which we are all complicit in urban displacement and considers the marginalized, now pushed out of the communities they rely on.

Window Box Gallery June 7-23, 2016  Installation by Ron Siu & Nicholas Zirk.