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Process and Cell Gallery
May 11-22, 2016
Gallery 1313
1313 Queen St West

Photographs by Ruth Hartman
All animals share a singular finite existence, sensed, known or imposed. In South Africa’s savannah, animals roam familiar and foreign terrain, alone or communally, in search of water and food, mate or kin. With hearts uncaged they face extinction, single or species, with dignity or voracity, as their will or environmental circumstance demands or allows. The human animal does not roam as free in a looming robotic age, domesticated by consumerism, mesmerized by social media, tethered by the promise of mate or community inside perpetual virtual cells. Without breath or heartbeat physically felt, we are easily paralyzed, caught in the headlights of petty joys and large injustices as words and images land like baited arrows from distant skies and unseen predators. In real time and proximal space, animal to animal, sharing quiet or messy moments, one realizes what is being lost as we cage ourselves in the hollowed shells deemed necessary for others’ consumption.