September 22, 2015 | Past Exhibitions | No Comments

Artist Statement:

Compromise Data is a surveillance art robot created to stimulate discourse around the politics of surveillance. In the wake of the passing of Bill C-51 to become the Anti-Terrorism Art, Compromise Dataencourages participants to be active in their information dissemination.

Compromising Data is a two part project, the first aspect is the physical robot which collects data, both photographic and environmental and the second part which takes the form of a dossier for the purposes of data distribution. The robot will be present at the gallery and its job will be to collect information with the passive consent of the participants as well as active participation. Passive participation includes the natural choreography of the participants as they peruse the gallery. The active participation takes the form of a drop box which the participants are encouraged to submit personal information, including their name and address. The incentive created for the active participation is the possibility of being sent the dossier containing segments of the collected data following the exhibit.

Similarly to the Anti-Terrorism Act, Compromising Data contains both active and passive levels of participation. Passive participation in both exists as a form of blackmail, held over our heads so to encourage our active response. Through this exchange we offer our privacy in exchange for the perception of security. For the purposes of this project the blackmail will be far less invasive, instead it leverages our desire to know what this mysterious box has collected about us to tempt the participant to relinquish more information.

In a counter-intuitive fashion, Compromising Data places the tools and process in the gallery leaving the art (dossier) to be experienced after the show and at home.