September 8, 2015 | Past Exhibitions | No Comments

My work explores art-making through a process that keeps an open discourse between me and my materials. My prints,comprised mainly of stone and waterless lithography, research this relationship rather than display any pre-determined representational imagery or content. My work is often created within the borders of found objects and limestones. Inside these boarders drawing materials are used to develop a composition. I finish each image by instinctively reacting to the previous marks until I am satisfied with the aesthetic. I believe this is honest way of exploring and researching art making and materials. Throughout my interaction with a piece I am open to changes, and interested in the chemical properties and processes which allow for the production of a variety of works. I am also driven to push the boundaries of the print medium and experiment with waterless lithography, non-toxic printing methods, and three dimensional work. The abstract style of my art leaves voids and forces the viewer to look within themselves in order to interpret and engage with the work. Above all else my art expresses an artistic energy and highlights, rather than hides the process which created it.