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IMG_51391313 Window Box Gallery Presents:

Lauren Cullen
Burlap, wool cloth, nylon cord
33 x 12 inches


Limited edition

Rugs tell a story of gender and labour. What is the narrative of the hooked rug? Might there be multiple tellings?

Matrilineage is an intervention into the way rug hooking histories are communicated and placed into context. The project aims to draw attention to and legitimize the craft form as art.

Bringing focus to an art object in a gallery setting reinterprets the materials employed in gendered craft practices. The relationship of the object to the space it surrounds informs how we view the piece.
Rugs on a wall, not on the floor. Rugs in the street, not in a home.

Accompanying Matrilineage is a limited edition zine Hooker. The zine explores the culture of puns found in rug hooking and chronicles both the hooks and words that have followed hooking practices over time in North America. Matrilineage and Hooker work together to combine a survey of rug hooks, a predominate tool used to construct hooked rugs, with contemporary language associated with the process, history, presentation and communication found in hooking cultures.

Artist bio:
Cullen’s research based practice examines rug-hooking cultures, histories and spaces. She asks questions about how we come to form identity through craft and objects. She explores objects ability to communicate within spaces and the narratives that they hold. Lauren’s research practice is an intervention into the stereotypes that fix rugs to a gendered order and colonial space. She has presented her research-based practice at the Savannah College of Art and Design, the World History Association, America University and the University of Iowa.